Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

A Pair of ATV Boots

Executive summary about ATV Boots by Matt Finley

When riding an ATV, a good pair of ATV boots are a key to protecting your feet, ankles, and lower legs. The biggest different between ATV boots and motocross boots is the height of the boot. ATV boots are lower cut than motocross boots.

ATV boots are especially good at protecting your ankles from twisting and bending.

The Protector ATV Throttle Guard Safety Accessory Re-Review

Executive summary about ATV Accessory by Matt Finley

A while back we reviewed The Protector ATV thumb throttle safety device.


1. Provides some protection from accidentally bumping the throttle on a running ATV

2. Easier to install than previous versions

3. Sharp edges on earlier model now covered

Cons: Not effective on quads that don't have automatic transmissions

Improved design makes it easier to install than previous version. Easy to modify to fit non-standard quads.

The newer version of The Protector was installed on a smaller quad this time: A 2005 Suzuki LT80. The youth ATV is much more suited for this type of safety device than the bigger quad we installed the first one on because the youth ATV has an automatic transmission. That means if the throttle is bumped the quad will lunge forward.

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