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Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide

Executive summary about motorcycle jackets by Staff Writer

After your helmet, a high-quality black leather jacket may be the most important motorcycle gear you buy. This motorcycle jacket buying guide will show you how to buy the men's motorcycle jacket that is right for you.

Motorcycle jacket material:

1. Leather: While non-leather motorcycle jackets have come a long way in recent years, a good leather motorcycle jacket is hard to beat. Keep in mind, though, that all leather bike jackets are not created equal; look for jackets made from high-grade leather, such as cowhide, and avoid split leather, which provides less protection than other types. A good leather motorcycle jacket should be made from leather that is at least one millimeter thick. If your leather jacket doesn't fit you properly, you aren't going to wear it as much, so make sure the jacket is comfortable when you are in the riding position.

2. Non-leather: Modern non-leather motorcycle jackets made from high-density ballistic nylon that feature waterproof liners also provide essential protection.

Motorcycle jacket features:

1. Vents: Wearing your jacket for protection is important, even when it's hot outside. If you'll be riding in a hot climate, you may want to look for a men's motorcycle jacket or women's motorcycle jacket with vents.

2. Padding: The more padding your leather bike jackets have, the more protected you are. Buying leather motorbike jackets with waterproof pockets is also a smart idea.

3. Reflective material: In addition, it's a good idea to select a jacket with some reflective material sewn onto it.

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