Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Dirt Bike Bottom End Rebuild, CR250 2-Stroke

Executive summary about cr250 parts by myblazeofglory

First remove the 3 bolts to the sub frame, loosen the clamp on the air boot, and remove the sub frame and air box as an assembly. Leaving the 2 radiator scoops on the gas tank makes removing the front easier as well.

As soon as I removed the top end, I could see that my suspicions about the right main seal were correct. If you look closely you can see the pool of gear oil under the crank. A bad seal usually indicates a bad bearing since the bearing usually goes first taking out the seal as the worn bearing allows additional movement. The entire crank assembly and connecting rod will be replaced as a single unit.

To measure the cylinder first determine the specifications. On a 2001 Cr250 it should measure between 2.6141 and 2.6144 with the service limit being 2.615.

The piston on this bike should be between 2.6114 and 2.6117 with a service limit of 2.609 with a clearance to cylinder service limit of .09.

I have known that the bottom end was going bad for a while, but put off the rebuild a little too long. The signs include excessive smoke and spooge at the exhaust from burning gear oil, the noise as described above, and having to add gear oil excessively.

Make sure the transmission is installed as shown with the forks in the correct grooves of the shift drum. Assembling the parts on the other side of the drum is tricky, you'll want to install the shift lever temporarily at this point to make sure you can shift through the gears, then install the outer clutch basket etc. in reverse order of how they came off.

Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

What is the Best Motorcycle Touring Luggage for My Bike?

Executive summary about motorcycle touring luggage by Timothy Tavender

Popular makes of hard luggage include Givi, Hepco & Becker and Krauser, all of which manufacture racks specific to bike model. When you are looking to put hard luggage on your bike, the first point to consider is “does anyone make a rack for my bike?” Many racks are now quick-release, such as the SW-Motech racks, these are fitted to the bike with 3 or 4 fitting points which are permanent, but unobtrusive. The luggage racks can then be easily put on within minutes, using quick-release bolts.

Of course many riders do not want to put hard luggage on their bike, as they do not want the look of their pride and joy spoilt by racks. This is where soft luggage comes in, and the choice here is vast from a simple tank bag to a set of throw-over panniers and a large tail pack. One of the problems with soft luggage is that it is rarely completely waterproof. Aluminium luggage is another alternative which has become very popular, particularly with BMWs bikes. Most of the hard luggage manufacturers have a version of this style of luggage, which is extremely tough and durable.

There is a vast array of cruiser luggage available, whether you are looking for leather panniers, Cissy bar bags, tool rolls, and rack bags. Leather motorcycle panniers can be either throw-over or fitted onto a chrome tubular rack, which will be specifically designed for your model of bike.

Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag Review

Executive summary about Cruiser Luggage by Marqus Smith

The Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag is one of Louis's answers to the need for stylish, yet practical, 'luggage bags.' Other luggage bags from Louis Vuitton include the likes of the Deauville Bag, the Carryall Louis Vuitton Bag, the 'trolley' known as Pegase 60 and the 'Keepall 55' Bag. The Vuitton Bag is an unapologetically large bag. Inside the Louis Cruiser Bag, one finds an open compartment; so that you don't have to fold your luggage to have it fit into the bag. Due to its unique shape, Vuitton Cruiser Bag is the sort of the bag that you are better off carrying on your hand. To make for easy hand-carriage, Louis Vuitton providers the users of the Louis-Vuitton Cruiser Bag with a rounded leather handle; which is both strong and friendly to the 'carrier's' hands.