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Mini Dirt Bike Performance Parts for Cheap

Executive summary about mini dirt bike parts by Travis_Aitch

Buying mini dirt bike performance parts is an excellent way to upgrade your pocket enduro and really kick your two-wheeler riding experience up a notch. Some of the major four-stroke and two-stroke mini dirt bike performance parts include components like front sprockets, coil shock suspensions, carburetor kits, clutches, crank shafts and foot pegs.

Where to buy mini dirt bike performance parts for cheap?

1. MotoPartsMax.com

Here you can find minibike engines and engine components, carburetors, electrical components and brakes. Mini dirt bike performance parts are not the only things you can find on MotoPartsMax though. Aftermarket accessories such as handlebar grips, bumpers and tools are available as well as a special discount store where you can get some really cheap prices on select components for your tiny enduro.

2. PocketBikeParts.com

This site focuses more on shopping by brand rather than by components. PocketBikeParts.com has mini dirt bike performance parts from all popular makes and models, including the following:

a. MTA1

b. FS529

c. CatEye

Not only can you buy mini dirt bike performance parts from this site, but you can also get replacement stock components for your four-stroke pocket enduro if you need them.

3. MiniBikePartsNow.com

With a tagline like “Discount Prices and Speedy Delivery”, you can bet this cheap mini dirt bike performance parts website lives up to its word as they are quite popular.

4. PocketBikesUnlimited.com

You can either call them for a mini dirt bike performance parts catalog at (831)-336-8218 or you can shop on their web page.

KTM 65 Suspension Tips

Executive summary about coil shock suspensions by John Willis

Austrian motorcycle maker, KTM makes the KTM SX 65 as a starter bike for kids, isn't a low-tech mini-bike. It's equipped with modern, inverted front suspension and a single rear coil-over shock, giving it plenty of travel.

It's a lot cheaper than replacing the stanchion due to stanchion damage. Often called a "Mono-Shock," which is Yamaha's trademark for the single-shock rear suspension, the single rear coil-over is a modern suspension system. The coil-over shock is also a high-tech suspension cartridge.

The KTM's front and rear suspension, in concert, provide significant "travel." It is a high-performance child's bike, appropriate for children approximately 8 to 12 years old, can accommodate an advanced rider.

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Moose ATV Accessories

Executive summary about Moose ATV by Deshawn Agtarap

Moose ATV are a name you can trust in the ATV market and accessories are a great addition to your ATV. So what accessory options do you have?

1. Moose Electric Spreader. If your ATV is your work horse and you need to get that seed spread then this spreader is a great choice.

2. Moose Expedition Gearbag. Need to pack that extra gear with you? This bag is for you!

3. Moose ATV Tank Bags. Do you need a little more storage on the bag of that ATV? Then add a set of tank bags.

4. Moose Hunting Boot. Breakup your ATV is all about the hunt and these hunting boots are a must have with the reinforced lower legs and rubber cap toe that's perfect for all terrain.

5. Moose Steel Rack Extension. This rear extension will give you the additional storage you need for those bigger items.

6. Moose ATV Gun Rack. This is an excellent choice for the hunter. Works great for a bow too.

Moose Racing

Moose Racing Piston feature “x” style forgings for additional strength, durability, and weight reduction. Each Moose Racing Piston Kit includes a high performance piston, wrist pin, rings, cir clips, and a top end gasket kit, replacement gaskets are available from Moose Racing.

Moose Racing swept the bike podium with the following riders:

1. Jordan Ashburn

2. Chase Bishop

3. Jeremy Ott

A Moose Racing rider in the top spot that also held at the ATV podium is Donnie Ockerman.

Yuasa’s ATV Resource Area

ATV’s are demanding more and more from a battery. Yuasa knew that the ATV market was going to be big for batteries way back in the mid-1980’s when the new Maintenance-Free VRLA battery was developed for use in the Honda ATC.

How to Tighten the Chain on a Yamaha Warrior

Executive summary about the ATV market by Chris Gilliland

The chain requires little maintenance, mostly in the form of regular tension adjustments. X

Constant use slowly stretches the chain's links, causing the chain to loosen and eventually slip from the rear wheel's sprocket.

Things you'll need:

1. Jack

2. Ruler

3. 14 mm socket

4. Socket wrench

5. Torque wrench


1. Place a jack below the Warrior's motor to lift the rear wheels at least one inch above the floor.

2. Grasp the lower portion of the chain at the midway point between the motor and the rear hub. Hold a ruler against the back of the chain and lift the chain until it is tight. Take note of the distance the chain has moved. Ideally, the chain should not move more than 1 1/2 inches. If the chain's slack allows more than 1 1/2 inches of travel, the chain is loose. Alternatively, if the chain has less than 1 3/16 inch of travel, it is too tight and requires loosening.

3. Loosen the bolts on the top and bottom of the rear hub with a 14 mm socket and a socket wrench. There are two bolts above the hub and two below the hub. Do not remove the bolts.

4. Slacken the lug nut on both of the chain tensioner's adjustment bolts, located below the rear hub, us ng a 12 mm wrench.

5. Turn the chain tensioner's adjustment bolts evenly with a 12 mm wrench to adjust the chain. Turn the bolts clockwise to tighten the chain or counterclockwise to loosen the chain.

6. Check the chain's travel again. Adjust the chain further, if the chain's tension is still less than 1 3/16 inches or greater than 1 1/2 inches. If the chain's tension is within the specified range, tighten each of the adjuster bolt's lock nuts against the tensioner body with the 12 mm wrench.

7. Tighten the rear hub's upper bolts to 72 foot-pounds and the lower bolts to 36 foot-pounds, using a 14 mm socket and a torque wrench. Remove the jack and lower the Yamaha Warrior's rear wheels to the floor.

An improperly aligned axle creates excessive wear and may cause the chain to break.

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Bridgestone Motocross Tyres

Executive summary about motocross tyres by Paul Favors

Founded in 1931, Bridgestone Corporation first began in Japan and is currently the largest tire manufacturer in the entire world. There are different models of the Bridgestone motocross tyres depending on the surface for which they are intended.

1. M25 and M26

The Bridgestone Motocross M25 and M26 are tyres that are designed specifically to work on mud and sand. What makes these models particularly convenient to use is that they have self-cleaning treads that allow for superior traction even in difficult terrains. Bridgestone has designed these tyres to have a wide paddle design to improve the performance of the rear tyres.

2. M403 and M404

Formulated for Intermediate terrain, the motocross M403 and M404 is the largest range of off-road tyres that can function well on different kinds of surfaces. Bridgestone formulated improved grip traction and a directional pattern rotation to give the vehicle better stability.

3. M401 and M402

The M401 and M402 are Bridgestone's response to the demand for intermediate terrain motorcycle tyres, tube type tyres and thus have a center compound and less dense side block compound.

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MTB Clothing And Gear

Before you start Mountain Biking, you will of course need a Mountain Bike so you can practice riding it beforehand.

Choosing the right set of MTB Clothing and Gear can help you perform better. Although having the looks is quite important, the functionality comes first in Mountain Bike Specific Clothing. The result is a happy, cool and dry mountain biker. Be sure to choose the right mountain biking clothes and apparel.

Tips For Finding the Best Ladies Motorcycle Boots, Jackets And Accessories

Executive summary about Ladies Motorcycle Boots, Jackets and Accessories by Kimberly Haller

More and more ladies are enjoying riding motorbikes of all shapes and sizes. Ladies motorcycle accessories are not only fashionable, but also offer protection and security to the rider.

There are different types of leather gloves including street biking gloves, racing gloves, women's cruiser leather motorcycle gloves and women's motorcycle gloves. Wearing a good quality ladies motorcycle glove is very important to protect your hands and provide for a better riding experience.

Finding the perfect motorcycle jacket shouldn't be a difficult process. When choosing a jacket you should make sure that it fits properly and doesn't ride up. Choosing a belted leather jacket is a good option if you encounter this problem.

Motorcycle boots should be comfortable, and finding the proper fit is very important. When riding a motorcycle, your feet must be adequately protected, and it is crucial to choose a boot that fits your riding needs. The basic styles available are the following:

* 3/4 Length Boots. This style of boot does not provide as much protection, as they are generally only 6 to 7 inches in height and reach to about ankle height.

* Full Length Boots. This is a favorite boot for bikers because it offers the most protection.

Ladies motorcycle boots should always be made of genuine leather as this is tough enough to protect your feet from most stuff that you will see

Best Motorcycle Jacket

Could you advise me on a quality jacket that isn’t terribly expensive? The perfect motorcycle jacket worth considering is the Schott jacket, made in New York City by the inventors of the motorcycle jacket. The Schott Perfecto is a replica of the company’s original 1928 jacket. It’s made of cowhide, it runs $450, and it’s worth every penny. I’ve had my Schott jacket since 1978, and it’s nicely broken-in.

Even James Dean famously wore the Perfecto, cementing its reputation as the rebel uniform. Random trivia: Schott named the Perfecto after his favorite Cuban cigars.

Many companies and countless fashion brands have created their own unique versions of the Perfecto.

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125cc Motorbikes And Their Advantages

Executive summary about motorbikes by Jens PeterJensen

The 125 cc motorbike is typically the motorcycle of choice for amateur motorbike riders and is their milestone towards being able to maneuver a full sized motorbike in the future, can usually be driven on the road without a license, such as the manual bikes.

Now, here is the question: why is it deemed best to get a 125 cc motorbike as one's first ever motorcycle? Following are some of the reasons:

* 125 cc motorbikes come in less the price tag than that of the full sized motorbike.

* 125 cc motorbikes are generally easier to maintain than the fuller sized motorbike models, and the parts are available at motor shops at cheaper price tags, too.

Motorbike Luggage Advice

Executive summary about motorbikes luggage by WiseBuddha

In general their are two different types of luggage:

1. Soft Luggage

Soft luggage is typically constructed with tough water-resistant textile materials and can be fixed to the bike in a variety of different locations, ideal where you do not plan to carry loads for long distances. In the literature for most soft luggage models you will see the term "universal fittings", there is no such thing as a true universal fitting so when buying soft luggage always take your bike with you. Some dealers may not allow you to do this however it is also worth asking if you can test ride the luggage, it might fit your bike but does it fit you and your bike?


Generally cheaper than hard luggage options.


a. Weather protection is not as good as most hard luggage options.

b. Security is not as good as most hard luggage options.

Many soft luggage systems, typically tank bags, rely on magnets to attach the bag to your bike.

2. Hard Luggage

As the name suggests hard luggage is typically constructed from hard plastics and as such have better weather protection, security and higher load carrying capabilities. In addition to this hard luggage it normally bike specific, in other words the you are restricted to either the motorbikes manufacturers models or aftermarket models designed for your bike. Typically designed for specific bike models.

General luggage tips:

1. When you make a stop check the fittings of your luggage, this is especially important with soft luggage as it will move around the bike and may work itself loose. In addition to this always check that no straps or fittings are able to get caught up in the bike, the last thing you want to happen is a strap getting caught in your chain!

2. Adding luggage will change the handling of your bike, for example breaking distances may increase, corner handling may change and deceleration characteristics may change.

3. If you are new to carrying luggage, always go for a short fully loaded test ride.

4. When loading your luggage always balance your load, for example don't carry bricks in one pannier with the other empty! Also, load heavier items towards the centre of the bike.

5. If you have lockable luggage always carry a spare key.

Quick Boot Comparison

Executive summary about alpinestars boots by Pete Peterson



What's Hot

What's Not

The Deal

Alpinestars Tech 3

AXO Dart

Fox Comp 5




Quick break-in time yet a sturdy sole.

1. Double hook-and-loop front closure.

2. Low toe box, easier to get under the shifter.

1. Excellent feel of shifter, brake and pegs.

2. Super supple and comfortable when riding.

3. Extremely comfortable for time off the bike, walking or bulldogging down hills.

4. Zero break-in time.

5. Great print options add style.

1. Most expensive boots in the group.

2. Buckles are finicky.

Angular shape can catch on some bikes, especially true with the KX250F.

1. Sized small compared to other boots; 9 feels like an 8.

2. Doesn't look as high-tech as the other two boots.

This is a full Alpinestars boot at a value price.

A comfortable boot with unique style, but the angular features can catch on plastic.

The tennis shoe of the bunch. An excellent "first real boot" for anyone worried about feeling too restricted from their bike.

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How to Choose Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Executive summary about motorcycle leathers jacket by Alamdar H

For motorcycle fashion, leather jackets are very popular and commonly used. Check the quality first. It is very essential to get the best quality motorcycle leather jacket. According to some bikers a good leather jacket is an ultimate motorcycle fashion for them. Select the color which will match to your motorcycle color scheme. The above tips will surely help you to select a perfect motorcycle leather wear.

Every motorcyclist wants to get a good quality motorcycle leather jacket, which provides them comfort. You can also select vests, are very comfortable jackets but they can not provide you the protection as full leather jackets.

How to Clean a Leather Motorcycle Riding Suit

Executive summary about motorcycle leathers riding suit by Amy Lukavics

Things you'll need:

· Spray leather cleaner

· 3 soft cloths

· Leather conditioner


1. Lay out the leather motorcycle riding suit in front of you. Using circular motions, rub the leather cleaner into each piece using a soft cloth.

2. Let each leather piece dry overnight. This will ensure that the leather won't have any excess moisture on it to go against the leather conditioner.

3. Apply a leather conditioner to another soft cloth. Work the conditioner into all of the leather pieces in the riding suit.

4. Allow the leather conditioner to sit for at least an hour so that the conditioner can soak in and treat the leather. Buff away any excess conditioner with a new soft cloth.

Fox Racing Carbon Men's V3 Helmets

It’s a serious race-inspired look in a pure race-bred helmet. Price: $425.00

* Rear vent design for maximum airflow

* Strong, lightweight carbon fiber Kevlar and fiberglass construction

* Multi-channel internal EPS liner distributes air through helmet

* Super wide eye port optimize peripheral vision

Fox Racing Flux Helmet

* In-molding technology molds the outer shell onto the EPS foam.

* Detox retention system.

* 20 strategically placed vents.

* Inset Chin Straps.

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Fox Racing High Frequency Shorts

The perfect fit of fox racing shorts. Topping off the High Frequency are two zippered side cargo pockets and sonic-welded logos.

Fox Jersey and Pants Review

Executive summary about fox racing pants by Tom Stark

When I first started racing motocross I was surprised by how many riders that were wearing motocross jerseys and pants. I got the Fox Racing HC 180 Jersey & Pants Combo.

The Fox Racing 180 jersey is comfortable to wear with anything. My legs and waist are abnormal, so I always have trouble finding pants with the right size waist and leg length. For the Fox 180 pants I got size 28 and haven't had any problems for the couple seasons I've used them. The Fox 180 jersey and pants have never bothered me while riding, and they don't rub any part of my body.

The Fox 180 Jersey & Pants Combo are perfect for beginners that want a little of everything for a good price.

Discount Snell Approved Motorcycle Helmet

Can a motorcycle helmet be too cheap...or rather, too inexpensive? You're looking at one of the most inexpensive full-face, DOT and Snell approved helmets available. In this case, the term "Snell approved" means that the helmet is listed in the "Snell Certified M2000 Motorcycle Helmets" page on the Snell Memorial Foundation website. If a helmet isn't listed on that page, then as far as we're concerned, it's not Snell approved. The manufacturer, in their haste, may have listed the helmet as Snell-approved before the formal approval was provided by Snell.

Remember, of course, that helmet noise levels will vary tremendously, depending upon the rider, the type of motorcycle, and fairings. We always use properly fitted earplugs when riding, and we also use helmet liners whenever we ride. The MR10's liner is very thin compared to some other helmets we've tried and it sure doesn't look like very plush. The ad copy for the MR10 claims that the liner is removable, but it wasn't apparent to us that it could be separated from the helmet. Since we've never removed a liner anyway, this wasn't a big deal. The MR10's air vents actually seem to work fairly well. The helmet provides a good volume of air flow through the top vent and across the interior of the helmet down on to the head. Both the helmet's shell and its interior lining can be seen through the vents, and it isn't pretty.

We assume M2R wanted to spice up the looks of the helmet, so they applied a very thin and not very nice looking air extractor appliqué on the top of the helmet. It's made from some type of flimsy plastic material, it bends easily under thumb pressure, and it's a slightly different color than the helmet shell.

But the worst part is that it was applied with double-sided tape, and parts of the extractor were already separated from the helmet right out of the box. Our feeling is that this piece of plastic would probably be destroyed if the helmet were dropped but a single time. I border on a size large and extra-large, depending upon the helmet. When I looked at M2R's helmet sizing chart, I thought a size XL would fit best, but it turns out to be at least one size too big because it has such a wide internal shape.

Spend $40.00 and get a decent quality helmet. The other argument is this: If you can only afford $65.00 for a helmet, the MR10 at least gets you a Snell approved helmet, for what it's worth. By the way, although the marketplace seems to demand Snell approval, we're not aware of any scientific study that demonstrates that Snell approval is "better" than ECE 22-05 or DOT approval.

It's not necessary to spend, for example, $500.00 on a helmet like the Shark RSR. Save up a few more bucks and remember the old adage, herewith adapted: If you have a 65-dollar head, get a 65-dollar helmet.

Road Safety With Motorcycle Helmets and Accessories

Executive summary about motorbike helmets by Katrina Wagner

The clothing and accessories required need to be of very high quality and quantity. Motorbike helmets, clothing, boots and motorbike accessories are the easiest to get based on their dependency, reliability and function on the roads.

Motorbike helmets have to undergo a very strict check. Motorbike accessories include additional wear and safety accessories that help enhance safety. The gloves help to protect the rider from harsh weather especially when it's cold. Gloves cost approximately €54.99.

Things that go along with the motorbike to enhance security are proper clothing, boots, gloves, luggage, helmets, tyres, bodywork, spare parts, exhausts, electronics and lubricants.

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How do I Care for Sidi Motorcycle Boots?

Executive summary about sidi motorcycle boots by Kate Kotler

MotoGP riders such as Alex Barros and Colin Edwards use Sidi boots. With motorcycle boots starting from $220 and $375, are an investment in your ability to ride your bike safely.

Things you'll need:

1. Soft bristle brush

2. Bucket of warm water

3. Leather conditioner

4. Waterproofing spray

5. Clean cloth

6. Newspaper

7. Insoles sized to your foot

8. Deodorizing boot spray


1. Wash dirt and debris off the Sidi boots using a soft brush and warm water.

2. Place the Sidi boots on the paper to dry.

3. Rub the exteriors of the boots thoroughly with leather conditioner once the boots are completely dry.

4. Replace the insoles in the boots and spray the interiors with deodorizing foot spray to prevent "sweaty foot funk" in your pricey boots.

5. Spray the exteriors of the boots with waterproofing spray. Allow the boots to dry for a few hours

Three Reasons To Check Out Sidi Motorcycle Boots For Women

Executive summary about sidi motorcycle boots by Cedric Welsch

Sidi motorcycle boots for women are stylish, comfortable and offer fantastic protection to delicate feet and ankles. The most effective motorcycle boots have extra protection around fragile areas. The standard boot covers the ankle, is often reinforced in the ankle area and protect sensitive ankles from hot mufflers. A racing design is designed for motorcycle control and used on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle boots are expensive. It is cheaper to replace an expensive pair of motorcycle boots than it is to repair a shattered ankle. Sidi motorcycle boots for women qualify for this specialized coverage, look great and are comfortable for all-day wear.