Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Bridgestone Motocross Tyres

Executive summary about motocross tyres by Paul Favors

Founded in 1931, Bridgestone Corporation first began in Japan and is currently the largest tire manufacturer in the entire world. There are different models of the Bridgestone motocross tyres depending on the surface for which they are intended.

1. M25 and M26

The Bridgestone Motocross M25 and M26 are tyres that are designed specifically to work on mud and sand. What makes these models particularly convenient to use is that they have self-cleaning treads that allow for superior traction even in difficult terrains. Bridgestone has designed these tyres to have a wide paddle design to improve the performance of the rear tyres.

2. M403 and M404

Formulated for Intermediate terrain, the motocross M403 and M404 is the largest range of off-road tyres that can function well on different kinds of surfaces. Bridgestone formulated improved grip traction and a directional pattern rotation to give the vehicle better stability.

3. M401 and M402

The M401 and M402 are Bridgestone's response to the demand for intermediate terrain motorcycle tyres, tube type tyres and thus have a center compound and less dense side block compound.

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