Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Dirt Bike Hand Guard

Executive summary about hand guard engineering by Robert Sheehan

A dirt bike hand guard is vital for the extra protection it provides to the dirt bike riders. The best hand guards for dirt bikes:

1. The Enduro engineering hand guard is the strongest, the fittest and the most attractive looking hand guard in the market. Enduro hand guard comes in two anodized colors of silver and black. Moreover, these hand guards have clamps to successfully fit themselves in standard and oversized bars.

2. Now let us talk about the Moose Competition Hand guard Protectors. This particular hand guard variety can be firmly installed to the bike.

3. The dual black hand guard is now becoming the most popular style. This hand guard has a plastic mounting kit, which prevents it from interfering with the lever assembly.

4. The next comes the Rally Brand Hand guard. These hand guards have original nylon wrapping. The hand guard comes with superior coverage and impact resistance. This particular hand guard variety is usually equipped with mounting kit to fit well within 7/8” steel and 7/8” aluminum handlebars.

5. A standard hand guard is also available in PowerMadd modular design.

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