Senin, 14 Maret 2011

How to Choose Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Executive summary about motorcycle leathers jacket by Alamdar H

For motorcycle fashion, leather jackets are very popular and commonly used. Check the quality first. It is very essential to get the best quality motorcycle leather jacket. According to some bikers a good leather jacket is an ultimate motorcycle fashion for them. Select the color which will match to your motorcycle color scheme. The above tips will surely help you to select a perfect motorcycle leather wear.

Every motorcyclist wants to get a good quality motorcycle leather jacket, which provides them comfort. You can also select vests, are very comfortable jackets but they can not provide you the protection as full leather jackets.

How to Clean a Leather Motorcycle Riding Suit

Executive summary about motorcycle leathers riding suit by Amy Lukavics

Things you'll need:

· Spray leather cleaner

· 3 soft cloths

· Leather conditioner


1. Lay out the leather motorcycle riding suit in front of you. Using circular motions, rub the leather cleaner into each piece using a soft cloth.

2. Let each leather piece dry overnight. This will ensure that the leather won't have any excess moisture on it to go against the leather conditioner.

3. Apply a leather conditioner to another soft cloth. Work the conditioner into all of the leather pieces in the riding suit.

4. Allow the leather conditioner to sit for at least an hour so that the conditioner can soak in and treat the leather. Buff away any excess conditioner with a new soft cloth.

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