Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Fox Jersey and Pants Review

Executive summary about fox racing pants by Tom Stark

When I first started racing motocross I was surprised by how many riders that were wearing motocross jerseys and pants. I got the Fox Racing HC 180 Jersey & Pants Combo.

The Fox Racing 180 jersey is comfortable to wear with anything. My legs and waist are abnormal, so I always have trouble finding pants with the right size waist and leg length. For the Fox 180 pants I got size 28 and haven't had any problems for the couple seasons I've used them. The Fox 180 jersey and pants have never bothered me while riding, and they don't rub any part of my body.

The Fox 180 Jersey & Pants Combo are perfect for beginners that want a little of everything for a good price.

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