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How do I Care for Sidi Motorcycle Boots?

Executive summary about sidi motorcycle boots by Kate Kotler

MotoGP riders such as Alex Barros and Colin Edwards use Sidi boots. With motorcycle boots starting from $220 and $375, are an investment in your ability to ride your bike safely.

Things you'll need:

1. Soft bristle brush

2. Bucket of warm water

3. Leather conditioner

4. Waterproofing spray

5. Clean cloth

6. Newspaper

7. Insoles sized to your foot

8. Deodorizing boot spray


1. Wash dirt and debris off the Sidi boots using a soft brush and warm water.

2. Place the Sidi boots on the paper to dry.

3. Rub the exteriors of the boots thoroughly with leather conditioner once the boots are completely dry.

4. Replace the insoles in the boots and spray the interiors with deodorizing foot spray to prevent "sweaty foot funk" in your pricey boots.

5. Spray the exteriors of the boots with waterproofing spray. Allow the boots to dry for a few hours

Three Reasons To Check Out Sidi Motorcycle Boots For Women

Executive summary about sidi motorcycle boots by Cedric Welsch

Sidi motorcycle boots for women are stylish, comfortable and offer fantastic protection to delicate feet and ankles. The most effective motorcycle boots have extra protection around fragile areas. The standard boot covers the ankle, is often reinforced in the ankle area and protect sensitive ankles from hot mufflers. A racing design is designed for motorcycle control and used on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle boots are expensive. It is cheaper to replace an expensive pair of motorcycle boots than it is to repair a shattered ankle. Sidi motorcycle boots for women qualify for this specialized coverage, look great and are comfortable for all-day wear.

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