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Discount Snell Approved Motorcycle Helmet

Can a motorcycle helmet be too cheap...or rather, too inexpensive? You're looking at one of the most inexpensive full-face, DOT and Snell approved helmets available. In this case, the term "Snell approved" means that the helmet is listed in the "Snell Certified M2000 Motorcycle Helmets" page on the Snell Memorial Foundation website. If a helmet isn't listed on that page, then as far as we're concerned, it's not Snell approved. The manufacturer, in their haste, may have listed the helmet as Snell-approved before the formal approval was provided by Snell.

Remember, of course, that helmet noise levels will vary tremendously, depending upon the rider, the type of motorcycle, and fairings. We always use properly fitted earplugs when riding, and we also use helmet liners whenever we ride. The MR10's liner is very thin compared to some other helmets we've tried and it sure doesn't look like very plush. The ad copy for the MR10 claims that the liner is removable, but it wasn't apparent to us that it could be separated from the helmet. Since we've never removed a liner anyway, this wasn't a big deal. The MR10's air vents actually seem to work fairly well. The helmet provides a good volume of air flow through the top vent and across the interior of the helmet down on to the head. Both the helmet's shell and its interior lining can be seen through the vents, and it isn't pretty.

We assume M2R wanted to spice up the looks of the helmet, so they applied a very thin and not very nice looking air extractor appliqué on the top of the helmet. It's made from some type of flimsy plastic material, it bends easily under thumb pressure, and it's a slightly different color than the helmet shell.

But the worst part is that it was applied with double-sided tape, and parts of the extractor were already separated from the helmet right out of the box. Our feeling is that this piece of plastic would probably be destroyed if the helmet were dropped but a single time. I border on a size large and extra-large, depending upon the helmet. When I looked at M2R's helmet sizing chart, I thought a size XL would fit best, but it turns out to be at least one size too big because it has such a wide internal shape.

Spend $40.00 and get a decent quality helmet. The other argument is this: If you can only afford $65.00 for a helmet, the MR10 at least gets you a Snell approved helmet, for what it's worth. By the way, although the marketplace seems to demand Snell approval, we're not aware of any scientific study that demonstrates that Snell approval is "better" than ECE 22-05 or DOT approval.

It's not necessary to spend, for example, $500.00 on a helmet like the Shark RSR. Save up a few more bucks and remember the old adage, herewith adapted: If you have a 65-dollar head, get a 65-dollar helmet.

Road Safety With Motorcycle Helmets and Accessories

Executive summary about motorbike helmets by Katrina Wagner

The clothing and accessories required need to be of very high quality and quantity. Motorbike helmets, clothing, boots and motorbike accessories are the easiest to get based on their dependency, reliability and function on the roads.

Motorbike helmets have to undergo a very strict check. Motorbike accessories include additional wear and safety accessories that help enhance safety. The gloves help to protect the rider from harsh weather especially when it's cold. Gloves cost approximately €54.99.

Things that go along with the motorbike to enhance security are proper clothing, boots, gloves, luggage, helmets, tyres, bodywork, spare parts, exhausts, electronics and lubricants.

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