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Leather With Lycra

Executive summary about leather motorcycle clothing by Rick K

Leather with Lycra (LWL) is "leather with stretch", a new and interesting technology that somehow combines leather with stretchy Lycra with pretty amazing results. The Lycra is combined with the leather and it allows the leather to stretch and to retain its shape. We haven't yet tried any motorcycle clothing made with LWL, but it sure seems like a motorcycle jacket or pants would be a lot more comfortable with LWL than plain old stiff leather by itself -- especially if it was used in the shoulders, elbows and knees.

Leather with Lycra is currently used in performance bicycle clothing for comfort and for the abrasion protection that it offers. Since plain leather has no memory, it tends to lose its shape over time. But the Leather with Lycra is supposed to keep its shape almost indefinitely.

Leather with Lycra is something like 16 times more abrasion resistant than Cordura when run through a Wyzenbeek test, which is a standard test used to measure abrasion in fabrics, was kept on the testing machine until a "slight discoloration of material" was noticed at 50,000 cycles.

The Leather with Lycra process can be used on any thickness of leather. Hopefully we'll see Leather With Lycra in some motorcycle products very soon -- and, of course, we'll try to be the first to bring you a review!

Choosing Protective Leather Motorcycle Clothing

Executive summary about leather motorcycle clothing by Jacque Crook

If you enjoy riding your motorcycle, it is important that you know the steps for choosing protective leather motorcycle clothing. There are many dangers that a rider may experience while cruising the various streets, highways, and other vehicular paths on their motorcycle. You must ensure that you are wearing clothing that will protect you at all times. One of the first types of injuries that you should be aware of are injuries that directly impact the head.

When traveling the open road on your motorcycle, you will become subjected to an assortment of environmental conditions. One of the best steps that you can take to protect your body from these types of conditions is to purchase a protective leather jacket and vest.

When cruising down the open highway on your motorcycle, it is important to ensure that you choose protective leather motorcycle clothing that will appropriately protect your legs. You may choose from many different products such as leather halter tops, leather bikinis, leather shirts, leather skirts, leather vests, leather coats, mosaic apparel, and many other types of stylish apparel and accessories.

It is essential to protect yourself while riding around on your bike so that you may experience a lifetime of enjoyment. By purchasing protective leather motorcycle clothing, you can do just that!

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