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125cc Motorbikes And Their Advantages

Executive summary about motorbikes by Jens PeterJensen

The 125 cc motorbike is typically the motorcycle of choice for amateur motorbike riders and is their milestone towards being able to maneuver a full sized motorbike in the future, can usually be driven on the road without a license, such as the manual bikes.

Now, here is the question: why is it deemed best to get a 125 cc motorbike as one's first ever motorcycle? Following are some of the reasons:

* 125 cc motorbikes come in less the price tag than that of the full sized motorbike.

* 125 cc motorbikes are generally easier to maintain than the fuller sized motorbike models, and the parts are available at motor shops at cheaper price tags, too.

Motorbike Luggage Advice

Executive summary about motorbikes luggage by WiseBuddha

In general their are two different types of luggage:

1. Soft Luggage

Soft luggage is typically constructed with tough water-resistant textile materials and can be fixed to the bike in a variety of different locations, ideal where you do not plan to carry loads for long distances. In the literature for most soft luggage models you will see the term "universal fittings", there is no such thing as a true universal fitting so when buying soft luggage always take your bike with you. Some dealers may not allow you to do this however it is also worth asking if you can test ride the luggage, it might fit your bike but does it fit you and your bike?


Generally cheaper than hard luggage options.


a. Weather protection is not as good as most hard luggage options.

b. Security is not as good as most hard luggage options.

Many soft luggage systems, typically tank bags, rely on magnets to attach the bag to your bike.

2. Hard Luggage

As the name suggests hard luggage is typically constructed from hard plastics and as such have better weather protection, security and higher load carrying capabilities. In addition to this hard luggage it normally bike specific, in other words the you are restricted to either the motorbikes manufacturers models or aftermarket models designed for your bike. Typically designed for specific bike models.

General luggage tips:

1. When you make a stop check the fittings of your luggage, this is especially important with soft luggage as it will move around the bike and may work itself loose. In addition to this always check that no straps or fittings are able to get caught up in the bike, the last thing you want to happen is a strap getting caught in your chain!

2. Adding luggage will change the handling of your bike, for example breaking distances may increase, corner handling may change and deceleration characteristics may change.

3. If you are new to carrying luggage, always go for a short fully loaded test ride.

4. When loading your luggage always balance your load, for example don't carry bricks in one pannier with the other empty! Also, load heavier items towards the centre of the bike.

5. If you have lockable luggage always carry a spare key.

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