Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Quick Boot Comparison

Executive summary about alpinestars boots by Pete Peterson



What's Hot

What's Not

The Deal

Alpinestars Tech 3

AXO Dart

Fox Comp 5




Quick break-in time yet a sturdy sole.

1. Double hook-and-loop front closure.

2. Low toe box, easier to get under the shifter.

1. Excellent feel of shifter, brake and pegs.

2. Super supple and comfortable when riding.

3. Extremely comfortable for time off the bike, walking or bulldogging down hills.

4. Zero break-in time.

5. Great print options add style.

1. Most expensive boots in the group.

2. Buckles are finicky.

Angular shape can catch on some bikes, especially true with the KX250F.

1. Sized small compared to other boots; 9 feels like an 8.

2. Doesn't look as high-tech as the other two boots.

This is a full Alpinestars boot at a value price.

A comfortable boot with unique style, but the angular features can catch on plastic.

The tennis shoe of the bunch. An excellent "first real boot" for anyone worried about feeling too restricted from their bike.

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