Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Motorcycle Boots Aint Made For Walking

So how important is a good pair of motorcycle boots? Well pretty important if you want to stay healthy, according to the motorcycle injuries statistics I have looked at.

Tests of 21 well known brands of motorcycle boot against the European Standard, found that none passed the impact resistance test and only half passed the crush resistance test. However there is evidence to suggest that good motorcycle boots can significantly reduce the risk of foot injuries.

How can you tell if they are "good" motorcycle boots?

1. What to look for

If the boots meet the European Standard they will be marked EN 13634.

2. Fit

Boots must be comfortable.

3. Design

In order to provide protection, ideally motorcycle boots should be at least 160 mm high from the inner sole and provide impact protection for the shins, instep and ankles. Sewn is stronger than bonded, and most good boots are both. Many sports style motorcycle boots have soles that are only glued on! They would be ripped off in seconds if your foot is dragging along a road. If you just have to pull them on, they can also be pulled off in a crash, just when you really need them. Be careful about this if you are doing long distances on you motorcycle. They should have oil resistant soles and be sufficiently waterproof for you to walk through a puddle. Most well built motorcycle boots will achieve this with ease if they are leather.

Avoid boots that allow your foot to overhang the edge of the sole. Look for thick abrasion resistant uppers. Leather should be at least 2.5 mm thick.

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