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Buying Cheap Motorcycle Helmets

Buying cheap motorcycle helmets that perform the way you need them to is easy. If you are a new rider, buying discount motorcycle helmets may be more difficult than choosing a bike.

As a result, you may simply buy a cheap motorcycle helmet that looks like you want it to. If you do that, your riding experience will be much less enjoyable than if you get a helmet that fits your head like, well, like a motorcycle helmet should!

A helmet that meets the D.O.T. standard, even a cheap motorcycle helmet, offers serious levels of protection if you crash. A full-face helmet can keep you from being distracted when a large insect hits your face.

Low cost motorcycle helmets are of no use if they don't provide protection, and that D.O.T. sticker on the back is your assurance that when the day comes, the helmet will perform. If the manufacturer certifies that its helmet passes the D.O.T standard, it can make and sell that helmet with a D.O.T. sticker. You can make a strong case that it's worth looking for cheap motorcycle helmets that meets some of the other standards, notably those of the Snell Foundation. The Snell Memorial Foundation has useful information for helmet buyers on its website. The full list of Snell certified helmets can be found here, but performing a quick price check I can tell you that the cheap motorcycle helmets on the list are at $110 going up to $800 for the top of the range models.

In a crash, the polystyrene is permanently crushed, so if you hit your head with your motorcycle helmet on, the helmet is no more use to you than a baseball cap. Unfortunately, the best temple protection results in compromised peripheral vision and proper jaw protection requires a full-face motorcycle helmet. Eye socket protection is critical in an impact. One point is not in doubt however, full face helmets offer more protection than any other, and you can definitely get cheap motorcycle helmets in this style from plenty of outlets.

Whether you manage to get your hands on cheap motorcycle helmets or not, your helmet should be replaced every 5 years if you are a road user. So make sure you replace your helmet on that timescale and more frequently if you are racing.

Price is NOT the best reason for buying a motorcycle helmet. Current prices online for the Snell certified helmets range from $110 up to $700 and more for certain Arai helmets. The larger online stores have a fast turnover of stock and also some great closeout deals. Be wary though, if a motorcycle helmet is on sale that probably means it is slow moving stock. The helmet will deteriorate just as easily on the retailer’s shelves as it will in your closet at home, so if you buy a closeout deal, try and find out what the helmet life is likely to be.

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