Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Guide to Knee Pads

Knee pads cushion the knees from impact and rough contact, especially in football, volleyball, and other high-risk sports. There are also specialized knee pads for people recovering from injury.

Knee pads are usually made of nylon, cotton, or polyester containing a foam or gel padding.

Kinds of knee pads include the following:

1. Worn separately and strapped around the knees.

2. Permanently attached to working pants.

3. Part of sports uniforms and are used with specialized pants, which have purpose-built pockets for holding and securing the knee pad.

4. Part of other industrial and protective devices, such as knee braces and cleaning and repair systems.

Choosing knee pads:

1. Comfort: Choose knee pads that fit comfortably around your knees. Work knee pads should be thickly padded and have an ergonomic design, while sports knee pads must be more rigid and have rigid frames to absorb shock.

2. Durability: Knee pads for sports use should be washable and quick-drying.

3. Protection: Choose knee pads that cover your entire knee area, rather than just the cap.

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