Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

KTM 144SX Motocross Bike Review

Executive summary about ktm motocross by Tom Stark

If you think 2-stroke motocross bikes are dead, you better wake up and ride this bike. It's not a Japanese bike, which has thrown people off because they have a "distinct" feel and layout to their bikes, while KTM motocross bike has a different set up.

While riding this bike it reminded me of the CR125 I had because it handled so well. KTM knew what they were doing when they built this bike.

It's no secret that KTM wins engine category on almost every bike they make, and being a big bore from the factory, the KTM 144SX/150SX on the top of many two-stroke lovers lists. If you think you need a faster bike then you're either a pro rider, or..... well..... I knew going in that buying an Austrian bike would cost a little more. There are other things about the KTM 144/150SX that make it unique; it's really easy to work on some parts of the bike, but others you just ask yourself, "Why in the world did KTM do that?!?!"

All in all this is an excellent race bike, and can be used by a young rider coming up from 85's that still wants a 2-stroke, an A class rider that likes a 2-stroke motocross bike to whip around.

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