Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

3rd Place in State Championship

Executive summary about Kids Motocross by joeyspeed

Kody DeRutyer age 7 has finished his first complete season on a 50cc motocross bike. DeRuyter finished 3rd in both the 50cc open and 50cc stock classes in AMP/GFI State Championship. Kody will compete in the same classes in 2011 while also running a 65cc bike in select race weekends.

The Bike you Choose

Child racers that are being groomed for the pro ranks need many things to be successful. Number one is safety equipment. Cobra motorcycles and KTM are 2 of the best for child racers. Honda and other top adult bike brands don’t spend the time to make a competitive bike for young racers.

Young racers need to be on fast bikes at a younger age. Better bike, better result.

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