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Akuma V-1 Motorcycle Helmet

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Surely both the whimsical GPA "Aircraft" helmet and the built-like-a-tank Draxtar P-104Akuma continues the military theme with the V-1 "Ghost Rider", was designed by Kerry Harris, the President of Integrated Helmet Technology, a manufacturer of interesting helmet accessories like the rechargeable LED lights built into the Shoei Syncrotec Police helmet and the AFX FX-11 Lightforce.

The heck with solid colors and the 1970's-style graphics commonly found on off-the-shelf helmets. The V-1 is a production version of a custom painted helmet with some great detailing and that detailing includes -- get this -- red LED lights in the exhaust vents!

That's right folks: flip a switch under the chin bar and the exhaust vents glow, just like the afterburners have kicked in! Integrated Helmet Technology used their experience from the powered fan in the AFX FX-11 Lightforce and the LED light in the Shoei Syncrotec Police helmet, but this time it's used for whimsy rather than function...although there is actually a practical side to the red LEDs in the helmet's exhaust, as they really do make it more visible at night.

The V-1 in large seems to run true to size; that is, it fits just about how I would expect a size large to fit. The Coolmax fabric liner is also designed to wick away moisture, although I always wear a helmet liner anyway.

Our size large V-1 weighs in at 1591 grams (3 lbs., 8-1/8 oz.), which compares very favorably with, for example, the size large KBC VR-1 at 1616 grams and the old OGK FF-3 at 1623 grams.

Our V-1 came with the Akuma "Super Smoke" dark smoke visor. The visor includes a Shoei-like removal system; raise the visor all the way up, pull down on a loop and the visor pops off.

The V-1 flows a lot of air; in fact, it probably has some of the best ventilation of any helmet I've tried. The top vent is a slider that moves forward or back, but there's no scoop to catch the air coming from the front of the helmet. There are two intake vents on either side of the top of the helmet, and I can't see underneath, but I think the air moving over some holes in the helmet pull the air through and out the exhaust vents in the back. The graphics for the exhaust vents even include airbrushed dark exhaust streaks, which gives the helmet just one more cool detail and also gives the entire artwork a three-dimensional look.

Flowing air from the front of the helmet directly through the back of the chin bar and on to the rider's face sounds logical, but for some reason, it's not common practice in motorcycle helmets. Most helmets take the air in through the chin vent and duct it up on to the back of the visor, which is fine for defogging. The air that comes in through these vents apparently flows back and out two corresponding exhaust vents on the lower rear section of the helmet. A small chin curtain underneath the chin bar probably helps by either keeping the outside air from flowing up under the chin bar or possibly by helping to seal the helmet, which sometimes makes the vents more efficient.

The red LED lights are hidden up under the exhaust. The helmet comes with an electric recharger and power cord. This is the same power and recharging system found in the Shoei Syncrotec Police helmet and the AFX FX-11 Lightforce helmets. Both of those systems were also designed by Integrated Helmet Technology.

A tight-fitting helmet should, all things considered, keep out the wind-induced noise from underneath better than a loose helmet, and the V-1 is a good example. Remember that we always wear correctly fitted, high quality earplugs and an extra helmet liner when riding, and we strongly recommend that you always wear hearing protection also.

The Akuma Ghost Rider now includes a front-mounted white LED light. This type of LED light is also used in the Shoei Syncrotech Police Helmet. Akuma told us that "All Ghost Riders, Werewolves, etc. come with the map light. We added a 40,000 mcd LED in the front and the helmet weight has not changed."

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