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Gifts for Dirt-Bike Riders

Executive summary about dirt bike riders by Dan Chruscinski

Gifts for dirt-bike riders can range from equipment for both him and his bike to those that can be enjoyed when he is off his bike. Start by asking your dirt-bike rider what his favorite brand of gear and dirt-bike clothing is, such as Fox Racing, Icon. When your dirt-bike rider isn't riding, he can read about the sport. If your dirt-bike rider is also a gamer, pick up some video games about the dirt bike and motocross sport. For a bit of fun, purchase some toys as a gift for your dirt-bike rider. Finger bikes are available in brands matching those found in real nonmotorized dirt bikes such as Redline and Sunday! and cost about $8 per bike as of September 2010.

Travis Pastrana

The lifestyle and mind boggling antics of Travis Pastrana as we know it. Travis began riding motorcycles at 4 years old and is now quite possibly the most famous person ever to have mounted a dirt bike.

What makes Travis Pastrana so special and respected? And why is he such a huge icon in the dirt bike world? What strikes me about Travis is how lighthearted, friendly and easygoing he is.

On June 10th 2003, Travis Pastrana narrowly and freakishly avoided The Grim Reaper after a serious car accident that left someone else paralyzed. Travis wasn't wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the flipped vehicle, miraculously sustaining only minor wounds to his hand. Well Matt, being an athlete, did walk and compete again, but Travis has had to live with the pain of knowing he caused this accident.

Some other injuries Travis Pastrana has sustained to date throughout his dirt bike career are... a broken collarbone, torn ACL in his left knee, broken tibia, broken fibula, surgery on his shoulder, wrists and elbow, 9 surgeries in his left knee, 8 in his right knee, 2 on his back, 1 on his thumb, multiple concussions, and as he says, so many more broken bones he can't remember. Phew! Travis's dad Robert Pastrana, a native Puerto Rican is an ex US Marine Corp and both he and Travis's mum used to ride motorcycles. Travis even managed to get them to try flipping a bike into his foam pit.

T.P loves to race and motocross. He was 5 times National Amateur Champion and turned pro at the young age of 16 when he won the AMA 125cc National Champs. And then he won the 125cc East Coast Supercross Championship in 2001 - both on a Suzuki with the number 199. #199, like Suzuki, has stuck with and become synonymous with Travis Pastrana.

But it is through freestyle MX that Travis has become so famous. He was world freestyle champion at 14 and claimed the gold medal in the first ever X Games freestyle event in 1999 with the highest ever run score of 99 points. In the following X Games he has won gold in 2000, 2001, 2003, silver in 2004, gold in 2005 and won 3 golds in 2006 for freestyle, best trick and rally car.


Full Name: Travis Alan Pastrana

D.O.B: 08/10/83

Home Town: Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A

National MX/SX #: #199

Height: 6' 1"

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