Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Motorbike Helmets Australia

Want to buy motorbike helmets from Australia? Everyone knows the importance of wearing motorbike helmets. They offer protection for the head, face and ears. The best Australian motorbike helmets have specially designed fabric and foam interiors for better protection and comfort for motorbike riders.

Even the best Australian helmet manufacturers will tell you to replace your helmet for better safety after having been through a crash. You do not have to replace your helmet after every minor bump.

The ¾ face helmet covers the back of the skull but does not offer protection for your chin. In some cases these helmets may have a visor to block the sunrays. Although the head is well protected in such helmets they do not offer adequate protection for the face.

The ½ helmet offers minimal protection. Such helmets will suffice by law in most countries.

The full-face helmet provides maximum protection as it covers the entire head along with the base of the skull. A specially designed section protects the chin, whereas a plastic shield protects the eyes.

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