Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Dirt Bike Riding Gear for Kids

Executive summary about bike riding gear by Anel Laj

Dirt bike riding features high-speed runs through hills, rocky trails and across race tracks. Most youth dirt bike riding gear can be purchased online.

1. Helmets

All dirt bike riders--including children and adults--should wear helmets, but finding the right helmet can take work. In 2007, Snell developed standards for helmets specifically designed for use in children's motor sports activities, including dirt biking. Some helmets feature a youth liner system that allows kids to adjust the size of their helmets for a better and more secure fit.

2. Roost Deflectors

Youth roost deflectors offer full-coverage chest protection. A properly fitting chest protector should cover the breastbone and upper rib cage while not restricting the rider's range of motion.

3. Jerseys

Most youth jerseys are constructed of a moisture-wicking material that helps keep kids cool during summer months. Many manufacturers, including FOX Racing, THOR, O'Neal and Alpine Stars, design youth jerseys, are designed with elbow padding for added comfort and appealing graphics.

4. Pants and Shorts

Premium youth dirt bike pants and shorts, made of lightweight and durable nylon and polyester material, feature a design that allows movement without restricting the rider. Some pants offer water-resistant material.

5. Boots

Kids dirt bike boots help minimize injuries to the leg and foot in case of an accident. Some youth boots provide impact shin guards for extra protection. Specially designed motocross boots offer children more safety than frequently used substitutes such as high-top hiking boots.

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