Kamis, 04 November 2010

What Is A Pit Bike?

Executive summary about Pit Bikes by Joseph Benincase

Pit bike racing is still a relatively new motorcycle sport. Pit bikes are small motorbikes, named after the type of racing that takes place in pit areas of dirt bike races and other bike racing sports. It resembles BMX racing except the pit bikes are motorized.

SDG with Xtreme Motor Corporation began producing modified pit bikes. USA Motortoys imported pit bikes similar to SDG Speed Mini, called the Pitster Pro X2.

As of June 2010, pit bikes range in price from $499 to over $2,000; are available online, but many bike specialty shops, especially on the West Coast, sell and modify the bikes for both the layperson and professional racer.

There are pit bike racing events; a popular series of races is the 2up Mini Series in the United States that includes seven races. Recently, pit bikes have become less commonly used for supermoto.

How to Ride a Pit Bike

Executive summary about Pit Bikes by Laura Hageman

Things you'll need:

1. Helmet

2. Knee pads

3. Elbow pads


1. Get on the pit bike.

2. Start up the pit bike.

3. Start to drive the pit bike.

4. Keep steady power.

5. Use the foot and hand brake when stopping.

Always maintain the pit bike by giving it a tune-up.