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Motocross Boots

Motocross boots play a very important role in protecting your feet and ankles when you ride. So always wear your boots! Motocross boots are recommended mostly for racing motocross. There's a few things to consider when deciding what type of boots to buy.

1. What sort of mechanical protection does the boot offer? Look for protection for your shins, toes and ankles. Most boots will have hard plastic shields in these areas. I've seen a rider have his leg dragged over the top of the back wheel of another bike and wedged down against the swingarm, the rider of the bike didn't know what the resistance was and was trying to accelerate away wih the wheel spinning against the downed riders leg. He got himself untangled eventually but not before it made a real mess of his boot. Better his boot then his leg though..

2. Do the boots have a replaceable sole bed? Alpinestars, amongst other manufacturers, have this feature, once the section in front of the heel wears from the footpegs, particularly on the left boot from pivoting over and under the gear lever, you can remove the worn section and screw and glue a new one in.

3. Are the buckles easy to use? Do they seem durable? You're obviously not going to know until you use the boots yourself but you can ask other riders who wear the same dirt bike boots what they think of them or do some research online and find out some opinions from forums etc. That also applies when deciding what brand of motocross boots to buy, decide on a dollar figure that you'll spend and do some research to find what boot has the best features and track record.

Oil your boots regularly to look after the leather and also to help waterproof them. A good quality pair of motocross boots should last a reasonable amount of time, just remember to take good care of them, they have to survive some pretty horrid conditions.

If you plan to buy dirt bike boots on the internet, know your brands of dirt bike & motocross boots:

1. Alpinestars Boots

2. Answer Racing Boots

3. Fox Racing Boots

4. Gaerne Boots

5. Oneal Boots

6. MSR Boots

7. Sidi Boots

8. Thor Boots

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