Senin, 01 November 2010

DeCal Works Graphic Application System

Executive summary about dirt bike graphic kits by JC Hilderbrand

Every dirt bike winds up looking like crap. The three-step system is about as straightforward as it gets - a bottle of adhesive removal, cleaner and application fluid. Once the old graphics are peeled off, a spritz of the adhesive remover and let it sit for a minute and all the goo wipes away with a clean towel. Putting new graphics on top of adhesive remover wouldn't be the smartest thing to do so step two removes any leftover residue. No waiting here, just spray and wipe. Applying graphics is a real bitch with all the eyeballing, half-peeled backing, stick-on-pull-off BS. The application fluid allows you to coat the entire backside of the decal and then place it on the bike without fear of it getting hopelessly stuck. Once the decal is in place, the layer of fluid between the adhesive and the plastic lets the decal float and allows for fine-tuning the placement. One thing we found was that it only takes a little. Spraying too heavily will generate a long wait period before the adhesive grips well enough to hold on its own. That makes problems when installing larger, heavier decals like radiator shrouds, which tend to slide. The best way for us to make it work was to barely spray the decals and shake off any excess fluid before laying them on the bike.

The DeCal Works Graphic Application System is definitely worth a measly trio of Honest Abes. The application fluid is running out the fastest, but we'd estimate enough to easily assist six to eight full graphic kits. Ultimately, life as we know it won't cease to exist without the Graphic Application System.

Product: Decal Works Graphics Application System

MSRP: $14.95

TWEQS adds graphic templates for dirt bike's made before 2000

Tweqs, where dirt bike enthusiasts can design their own graphic kits online, announces the addition of new graphic kit templates for 20 hard to find models, is looking to give owners of older model bikes the opportunity update their graphics on their bikes. About Tweqs [tweeks]: Motocross enthusiasts can create custom graphic kits using their own artwork or art from Tweqs extensive library.

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