Selasa, 02 November 2010

Fox Forma Pro Boots Review

Executive summary about fox motocross boots by Brian Korfhage

Motocross Boots are an essential element in dirt bike riding. Top brands include Alpinestars, Fox Racing, Thor, Oneal, MSR and Answer Racing.

Fox has seemingly done the impossible and in our estimation created a nearly flawless motocross boot. About three years ago, Fox enlisted the help of AMA Motocross and Supercross champion James Stewart to help create the greatest motocross boot ever conceived. After 18 months of rigorous on-track testing, Fox has emerged with what is being touted as the greatest MX boot ever, the Forma Pro/Forma Pro Stewart.

With the help of Mr. Stewart they have produced a boot that comforts the foot, ankle, and calf area the very first time the boot is worn. The Forma Pro and Forma Pro Stewart only differ in the aesthetic design. The Stewart model is available in metallic/blue, metallic/silver, silver, and Stewart Titanium while the Forma Pro is available in black only.

An extra $15 buys you the Fox Forma Pro Stewart model and the knowledge that you're riding in the same boot as Mr. James Stewart. What we love about the Forma Pro: The boots conformed to a multitude of testers' feet and legs extremely well, thanks in large part to the anatomically contoured shin plate. Comfort doesn't mean a thing if the boot doesn't protect the foot and ankle.

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