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How to Put a Liner in a Motorcycle Helmet

The liners in older helmets were glued in. However, today's helmet liners use Velcro and can be replaced easily.

Things you'll need:

a. Piece of foam

b. 3M glue

c. Motorcycle helmet liner

d. 1/2" rubber molding


a. Buy a new motorcycle helmet liner.

b. Take out the old liner, clean the inside of the helmet with soapy water.

c. Replace the foam. Sometimes the foam will dry out and age the liner.

d. Center the new liner over the helmet. The motorcycle helmet liner material is hypo-allergenic.

How to Make a Medieval Helmet

Executive summary about decorative helmets by Bren Hahn

Today, antique medieval helmets are considered works of art. Wear medieval helmets for Halloween, a theatrical production.

Things you'll need:

a. 2 Plastic Milk Jugs

b. Black Marker

c. Measuring Tape

d. Scissors

e. Utility Knife

f. Hole Punch

g. 2 Metal Brads

h. Double-Sided Carpet Tape

i. Newspaper

j. Brown Paper Bag

k. Glue

l. Silver Duct Tape

m. Silver Spray Paint

Creating a medieval helmet:

a. Draw an oval shape on a milk jug. Start four inches from the bottom and draw around the handle and the opening of the milk jug. Use the measuring tape to help you create an evenly shaped oval. Keep in mind that there are sides to your helmet. Cut the milk jug along the line you have drawn.

b. Try it on. If the helmet is too small, enlarge the opening. You may cut a slit in the back of the helmet to increase the size.

c. Measure the opening of the helmet, locating where you would like to attach your visor. Add extra length to the visor measurement so that it can be pushed up and out of the way. The visor will be attached to the helmet with a metal brad on each side.

d. Place the second plastic milk jug on your work surface. Draw a crescent shape onto the milk jug, using the measurement you have decided upon for your visor. Cut along the line you've drawn.

e. Try on your medieval helmet and hold the visor in place, over your eye area. Determine what kind of eye opening you'd like on your visor, and use the black marker to draw the openings. Cut out the eye openings with a utility knife.

f. Mark each side of your helmet where you want to attach the visor. Make one hole punch on the visor marks. Make one hole punch inside each end of the visor. Attach the visor to your medieval helmet using the metal brads.

g. Cut small pieces of double-sided carpet tape. Attach the tape to the outside edges of your helmet. Cover the helmet with one layer of newspaper, cutting the paper so it is not in the way of the visor. Press the newspaper layer onto the double-sided tape.

h. Cut strips or sections of brown paper bag. Glue the brown paper bag pieces to your medieval helmet. Press the pieces of brown paper bag smoothly against the newspaper base.

i. Trim along the edges of the helmet, using silver duct tape. Trim or decorate the rest of your helmet and visor with the silver duct tape. Spray paint your medieval helmet and visor.

You can create a medieval helmet with or without a visor. Hole punch around the inside edge of your visor for a decorative effect. Covering your helmet with newspaper softens the edges of the plastic milk jug and creates a base to attach the brown paper bag pieces. Use the black marker to add designs. Create a decorative pattern using yarn or cord. Glue the yarn or cord to your helmet or visor and spray paint.

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