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The First CE Approved Motorcyle Jean in the World!

After 5 years of research and development Draggin Jeans has been recognised for producing the first motorcycle jean in the world to receive full CE Approval. Draggin Jeans is, and always will be, in the business of protecting motorcyclists.

The CE logo is a universally recognised symbol of product quality and durability. It denotes products that have undergone stringent testing and certification for sale in Europe and the rest of the world.

Abrasion Resistance test has featured heavily in Draggin Jeans advertising and for urban riding certification requires products to last more than 4 seconds at all of the key contact areas. Draggin Jeans tested at 4.4 seconds.

To test for burst strength, a small sample of the product is securely mounted to the top of a metal cylinder. Below the sample is a flexible membrane behind which water is pumped. The membrane distends, placing increasing pressure on the test specimen until, eventually, it fails.

To test for impact cut resistance a standardised blade is dropped from a specified height onto the test segment and the depth of penetration of the blade is measured.

All of the CE Tests are simple in design, yet very effective in outcome.


Executive summary about draggin jeans by Simon Bradley

We've all, I'm sure, nodded sagely and tutted under our breaths at the sight of someone riding a bike without what we consider to be enough protective clothing. Now I'm absolutely not about to suggest that it's OK to ride wearing inadequate clothing. I've seen the greasy smear on the road that someone left when they fell off and I've collected enough gravel rash when I have been wearing the right gear to take that approach. But at the same time, there are huge disadvantages to conventional bike gear. Finally, as we swelter in an unusually warm summer, there's the simple factor of heat. Leathers, and bike clothing generally, is bloody hot, frankly.

What we need is a combination of the jeans and lightweight stuff we used to hoon around in but with the protection of proper bike clothing. Happily some folks in Australia had the same idea, because they combined a traditional pair of jeans with that staple of modern protective clothing, Kevlar. The result was Draggin' Jeans.

Take a pair of denim jeans and put a kevlar liner in to protect the bits that normally get worn through. Over the last six months I've been using a pair of Draggin' Dry's, one of their latest developments. Waterproof, crashproof jeans. How cool is that? It's a very strange feeling riding in the rain in jeans and not getting that horrible cold wet feeling. To be specific, I'm a fairly normal shape and they fit me better than any pair of jeans - regular or designer label - that I've ever had. Draggin jeans have made some pretty dramatic claims about the strength and durability of these trousers. Jeans a little too casual? Fair enough - Draggin' do a range of Chinos as well. Though you'll need some waterproofs just in case it rains. Draggin' even do, wait for it, shorts. But Kevlar lined shorts with zip on legs - ride to the beach, party, race, wherever, unzip the legs and enjoy having shorts on all day. The trouser range is completed with cargo pants and the obligatory camouflage trousers, all lined with Kevlar and as protective as you like.

Draggin' make jackets too, for the full denim effect. Jackets generally have a back protector pocket as well.

There's no problem with looking after the stuff - just chuck it in the washing machine and tumble dry like any other jeans. At around £100 for a pair of jeans they are on the steep side. But how much would a pair of Calvin Kleins and a decent pair of Goretex bike trousers cost you? The long and short of it? A brilliant product, worth every penny. Plus several washes as well...

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