Minggu, 14 November 2010

Alpinestars Motocross Boots

Executive summary about alpinestar motocross boots by G. Alexander

The likes of Alpinestars motocross boots really do offer great value for money. Alpinestars is leading the way in developing rider safety. Having pioneered countless innovations in boots, suits and gloves, notably the development of external protection on road race boots in the early 80’s and more recently employing the philosophy on its leather suits, they are now introducing a new dimension into race suit technology – a fully autonomous, multiple field data acquisition system, The Advanced Safety Technology suit (AST). During the weekend of the German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring, MotoGP rider John Hopkins wore a leather suit equipped with the new A.S.T. system. Although indistinguishable from his usual race suit, John’s body was constantly monitored by a series of accelerometers, impact and physiological sensors. The information can then be studied to analyze pressure point values, lateral G loads experienced, the rider’s pulse and the suit’s cooling performance.

So what boots do they offer? Before the Tech 10s were in production, the most popular boot was the Tech 8. Retailing at just over £300, they offer great value for money. Some other popular boots include the likes of the Tech 7, Tech 3 and Tech 2.

Top motocross riders are constantly pushing the limits of performance and demanding more and more from their equipment. Existing Alpinestars boots have ankle protection and support incorporated into their structures. A replaceable softer-material inner bar is also included with the Tech 10, allowing riders to customize the degree of ankle control and flex.

The Tech 10 outer is designed with an ultra low profile bottom and its weight is minimized around the foot to bring the boot's center of gravity upwards, closer to the rider's body; features an innovative construction method that is completely different from all other motocross boots, and is also a complete departure from Alpinestars' Vector boot.

The outer construction is innovative and improves safety. The boot's design effectively combines two hard shells to protect the rider's foot and lower leg, with the double hinge internal ankle brace filling the flexible gap around the ankle. The guard stops the boot's rearward flex progressively, before the rider's ankle reaches a dangerous angle, while also ensuring that the heel, Achilles and entire back of the rider's lower leg is protected from foot peg impacts. This innovation has allowed Alpinestars to radically improve the safety of its latest motocross boot and produce a truly worthy successor to the Tech 8. The Tech 10 is currently being used by Alpinestars' top Motocross riders worldwide.

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