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AXO 2009 MX Boots

The boots from AXO are designed for men, women and children alike. The AXO RC6 motocross boots remain ever popular amongst all motocross male riders. The high quality of leather located in the upper portion of the boot lends it a unique superior finish. The motocross boots also contain soft leather interiors along with a fine micro mesh material inside. The PU straps as well as replaceable alloy buckles coupled with the exclusive sole from AXO make these motocross boots simply irresistible.

The women’s line of motocross boots come in fun and flirty colors such as pink, silver, red, light blue and other flattering colors. The kids line of motocross boots also features interesting color choices like fluorescent orange, green, black, white, yellow, red, blue and many others. The insert in these motocross boots is completely replaceable.

AXO Sportbike Motorcycle Helmets Review

Executive summary about AXO Helmets by Cedric Welsch

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AXO sportbike motorcycle helmets are carefully designed and crafted from the most modern materials to provide today's rider with the best protection available. Assyrian warriors wore helmets made of heavy leather. Technological progress did not reduce the need for helmets. Soldiers in ceremonial units still wore decorative helmets but protective headgear was not deemed practical until 1914.

Metal dishes were stuffed under the caps for whatever protection they offered and steel helmets shaped like hats were mass-produced and provided to the soldiers. They provided adequate protection and ushered in a century of steel helmets.

Although AXO sportbike motorcycle helmets were not developed for battlefields, they are constructed of the latest synthetic fibers available. The Kevlar helmet used by soldiers and police officers around the world is such a synthetic fiber. It offers better protection than steel at a lighter weight. A well-designed helmet provides this by joining a hard outer shell to a softer shock-absorbing liner. The helmet is a system. AXO sportbike motorcycle helmets use cutting edge materials and construction to meet any challenge you are liable to encounter on two wheels.

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