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Motorcycle Gloves Review

Gloves can protect your hands. Wearing a pair of gloves on the hands while going for a ride on the motorcycle is extreme, important. Gloves help to protect the wearer not only from cold and heat but also help to protect the hands against any damage due to fiction and falls while riding a motorcycle. This Glove Guide shows you how to select quality Gloves.

Motorcycle gloves come in different varieties and are widely available in the sports shops and even on the internet. They are:

1. Motorcycle summer gloves, are often no more that thin leather gloves without a lining and hardly any water resistance.

2. Motorcycle fingerless gloves. There are two types, with and without fingers.

3. Motorcycle medium weight gloves, is between summer and winter gloves and most riders have these.

4. Motorcycle winter gloves. Much thicker than medium weight gloves.

5. Motorcycle rain gloves. Often no more than a plastic covering to keep the rain out. However rain gloves are often quite cheap and easy to carry along.

Motorcycle gloves review tips & checks:

1. Comfort. A motorcycle glove should be the right size. Big gloves will start to wrap around the bar.

2. Construction. Most gloves are ergonomically formed. Furthermore a glove should have reinforcements such as extra padding on the knuckles and palms.

3. Lining. You can get glove liners separate which can be an extra advantage if you want to warm up your medium weight gloves, for example.

4. Extensions. Often summer gloves don't have them but all others do.

5. Water resistant. Should gloves be water resistant? You pay a bit more but it saves you buying rain mc gloves. Watch for this benefit in gloves.

6. If your gloves are well waterproofed you don't need rain gloves.

7. Use a motorcycle glove chart size so you can check which size you need.

8. Check out how the glove is stitched together.

Gloves are designed for a particular hand size. A wrist strap makes sure the glove holds its ergonomically formed design.

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