Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

12V Heated Vest

Executive summary about a heated vest by Lea G. Cruz

If you love riding your motorcycle in mornings, then having a 12v heated vest will really come in handy. The vest is ideally worn over a shirt and then plugged into a 12v power source.

Specially designed heating panels replace coils to transmit heat to the areas of the body. Some people claim that you don't need to buy heated apparel just to feel warm since you can just wear layers of clothes. Unlike conventional clothes, the 12v heated vest has the ability to maintain the warmth needed by your body.

Before choosing a heated vest, it is good to shop around first and never buy on a whim. But, to make things easier, below are a few suggested things to look for.

1. Kind of fabric - The typical material that is used in vests is a nylon exterior with a polyester fill interior.

2. Type of heating element - different companies call their patented materials differently.

3. Price - This is something that most people put first in the list of things to consider. Typically, the vests cost around $100 to $ 200.

4. Temperature - The temperature level is also another thing to consider. After all you are buying a 12v heated vest for the warmth.

By maintaining your body temperature the 12v heated vests will prevent the freezing of your joints.

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