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Bell Helmets Will Be Sold In Mass Market

Executive summary about Bell Helmets by Steve Frothingham and Jason Krantz

In a major Policy shift Bell Sports will soon begin selling lower-priced, Bell-brand helmets through mass merchant outlets like WalMart Toys R Us. While Bell has long sold its BSI brand to discounters, it has reserved the Bell name for specialty retailers. Bell executives are bracing for an angry reaction.

To stem that anger, Bell is developing a new line of helmets strictly for the specialty retail channel, calling it the Bell Pro Series, also will sell the lower-priced Bell and BSI helmets in addition to the Bell Pro Series to specialty retailers, will offer retailers its lowest volume price on BSI models, even for those who buy in small quantities.

In the past, some retailers have asked to carry the BSI line, but Bell reserved it for mass merchant sales only. Bell will continue to use specialty retailers to introduce new, value-added technology through its Bell Pro Series.

Big 5 has Bell Sports stuff. Bell's decision reflects what is increasingly becoming a commodity-driven market. Mass merchants are demanding brand names instead of off-brands. Giro also has sold lower price-point helmets through mass merchant outlets. "The helmet market is becoming a commodity market and it's dependent upon volume," Tobin said.

Bell helmet sales, like others in the industry, have been stagnant. Although Lee said his company is avoiding a head-to-head price war with suppliers like Headstrong, Bell is continuing to offer its mass merchant customers BSI helmets that wholesale for less than $10 per helmet.

Its new Bell-branded mass merchant line will start at $30 and is being positioned as a high-end mass merchant product. The $8 million campaign is Bell's largest.

Bell's other brands, Rhode Gear, Blackburn and Vistalite, will continue to be sold through specialty retailers only.

Maximum Protection and Comfort With Bell Helmets

Executive summary about Bell Helmets by Athena McDonald

There are just some people who do not like wearing helmets. There are various brands of helmets in the market today. One specific brand of a helmet is the Bell Helmets. Athletes and champions from Grand Prix, X Games, Moto X and other racing contests choose helmets among all brands. Bell Helmets has played an important role in protecting athletes, both men and women. This brand makes helmets for different kinds of sports. Each helmet made by Bell has a specific design. Bell Helmets are truly one of a kind, not only used for competitions, really looks luxurious and cool. You can have a bell helmet for spending about $60 to $500.

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