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2011 Thor Motocross Flux Review

Executive summary about thor motocross by Adam Waheed

For the 2011 motorcycle riding season, motocross and off-road motorcycle gear manufacturer, Thor, continues to offer its hybrid Flux riding gear. In addition to the updated colorways, the pants, jersey and gloves have been modified slightly to fit a broader range of rider body types.

1. Flux Pant

Thor Motocross Flux Lazer Pants continue to be constructed from a 900D poly oxford material with perforation throughout the hip and leg regions. Ventilation panels are also neatly integrated into the thigh areas to help route cool air inside the pant. Leather inner knee panels protect the rider from the heat of the exhaust as well as hold up to the constant rubbing of the rider’s knee braces, if worn. A conventional plastic zipper and plastic ratchet-style waist buckle fastens the pants to the rider and pants fit true-to-size at the waist.

2. Flux Jersey

Thor Motocross Flux Lazer Jersey is made from a lightweight mesh fabric comparable to an athletic jersey.

3. Flux Gloves

Thor Motocross Flux Lazer Gloves is a constructed from a breathable mesh fabric.

Fit of the pant, jersey and glove is slightly larger as compared to the original stuff. Likewise the jersey is roomier throughout the chest, stomach and arms.

Pant MSRP : $169.95

Jersey MSRP : $54.95

Glove MSRP : $29.95

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