Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

A Guide to the Right Cycling Jerseys

Weather plays an important role in choosing the right cycling jerseys. Choosing the right jerseys to suit your weather type will give you the best protection and comfortable rides. There are jerseys made specifically for warm weathers. Moreover, you must also choose the right color of your jerseys, to make a choice between short or long-sleeved cycling jerseys. Investing on cycling jerseys which contain reflective material is a very good idea. Usually bikers buy this type of clothing aside from their day jersey. But if you don't have a budget yet, ordinary jerseys will do along with this safety measure. Purchase a set of reflective tapes from bike merchants. Then, cut and attach them on your existing jersey.

1. Endura FS260 Pro Jetstream

It's just a really well thought out jacket, obviously refined by people who cycle, to create a fit and function that suits roadies and mountain bikers alike. Great bike cut, with shaped sleeves and dropped rear end means you won't ever feel exposed to the elements, whilst there are plenty of extra nice touches to make this our favourite winter cycling jersey: waterproof pocket, great reflectivity and it looks nice too.

2. Madison Trail Mens Sport Jersey

The quick drying, fast wicking Madison trail jersey is here because it's so darned cheap. Nice attention to detail, especially considering the price, include flat lockedstitching and reflective prints.

3. Specialized Womens Argali Wool Cycling Jersey

Seriously it combines the warmth and washable qualities of natural wool with the hydrophobic qualities of polyester to make a very nice cycling jersey indeed. Don't fret chaps, Spesh make a men’s Argali jersey too!

4. Altura Reflex Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The Reflex is windproof and water resistant, multi panelled and literally covered in great reflectivity.

5. Endura MT500 Jersey

Further really nice little touches include the waterproof pocket, a glasses wipe and again, a pre-shaped bike cut.

6. Bspoke Edgware Knitwear Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The Edware jersey uses Teflon treated merino wool to provide a water resistant jersey. The subtle bike cut and a high neck means you’ll stay very comfy on the bike.

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