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EXO2 StormShield Heated Motorcycle Gloves

If you’re new to EXO2 equipment, these gloves include all the required wiring to connect to your bike’s power source and heat the gloves – the choice is yours. StormShield gloves are comprised of a leather upper surface and an Amara synthetic leather palm that’s broken up by Cordura on the fingers and gauntlet for flexibility. Also, you’ll notice PVC-molded knuckle protectors and extra Carbo-leather protectors in various places for durability and safety. The complete EXO2 kit comes with gloves, a basic wiring kit and installation instructions.

The upper shell includes armor in the knuckles and fingers for impact protection. Notice also the Cordura used on the inner and upper parts of the fingers. This arrangement permits excellent flexibility while sealing out the cold.

Both thumbs include a visor wiper. Secreted deep within each gauntlet is found the harness for connecting the EXO2 system to your motorcycle’s power source. If you already own EXO2 gear, like a heated vest, you’ve already got everything you need to wire up this gear!

Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest

Executive summary about Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest by Bill C

Segment-busting price includes the controller that should come with every other heated vest but doesn't; a wiring harness for the bike that should come with every other heated vest but doesn't; and the ability to connect to any of the other Synergy heated garments.

Can a heated vest be too hot? The new Tourmaster Synergy vest has it all -- modern carbon fiber heating elements instead of those old-fashioned wires; lots of elastic on the sides to keep the vest and the warmth close to the body; an included built-in waterproof controller and each Synergy heated clothing item comes with a motorcycle wiring harness.

The Synergy vest is thin, light and I honestly think it may actually put out too much heat, if that's possible! I wish I had the ability to switch the front heat on and off independently in the Tourmaster Synergy vest, because I think would solve the "too hot" problem. Heated clothing must be worn close to the body to do its thing, but not many heated vests fit correctly, nor do they incorporate elastic. I've been wearing the Tourmaster Synergy vest under a Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 jacket similar to the one that Rick reviewed recently.

The Ballistic 7.0 jacket uses some type of new fabric that keeps the jacket very lightweight and naturally flexible, so the thin and warm Synergy vest is a perfect match. Tourmaster recommends wearing the vest over a single shirt to keep the heat close to the body, so I wear the Synergy vest over a cotton T-shirt.

Each Synergy garment comes with its own controller, a wiring harness for the bike and the ability to connect with the other Tourmaster Synergy heated clothing items, which as of this writing include a heated jacket, heated gloves, heated pants and another style heated vest with a collar. Also note that accessory wiring harnesses are available from Tourmaster, including an extra temperature controller, extra V-split connectors, a BMW "Euro" style power adapter, a battery wiring harness and a leg band.

Each Synergy garment is supplied with a battery harness, electronic solid-state controller, and appropriate cabling to connect to other Synergy garments in a system; have a 3-year warranty. Old-fashioned wired garments are so yesterday, and how about having to buy a separate "Heat-Troller" control for 60-odd bucks? I can't imagine buying a heated garment and not having the ability to control the heat without also buying an optional controller. You want heat?

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