Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Kawasaki GPZ750

The Kawasaki GPz750 was a sport bike introduced by Kawasaki in 1982. It was more than a warmed-over KZ750, as it was improved in many areas, focusing on high-performance. Changes started at the front, with tapered bearings in the steering head instead of the KZ750's ball bearings, and the upper triple clamp was changed also, giving the GPz solid aluminum clip-on handle grips instead of the traditional handlebar. A bikini fairing almost identical to the one on the GPz550 was added too. The cylinder heads were also given a new combustion chamber with a 'squish zone' and porting & polishing from the factory. The GPz750 underwent some significant changes in 1983. Kawasaki retired the KZ750 after 1983. Power in '83 was 85 bhp (63 kW)@9500 rpm, with torque of 49.7 ft·lbf's@7400 rpm and wet weight was 234 kg (515 lb).

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