Rabu, 16 Maret 2016

Jet Ski Kawasaki Short Overview

The story of Jet Ski began when Clayton Jacobson II, the known inventor of the original personal water craft, sold the rights to his patent to Kawasaki.

The year 1976 brought Kawasaki to mass-produce their Jet Ski. This year gave birth to the JS400 model. When the racers and water sport enthusiasts demanded for power, Kawasaki responded and gave them the JS440, was one of the longest-selling Jet Skis made. 

The JS550 had 531 cm3 2-stroke Twin. Feature included the automatic rpm control.

The 80’s gave birth to the JS300 that was hailed to be the beginner’s Jet Ski, 650SX powered by a 635 cm3 2-stroke Twin, 300SX with 294 cm3 reed-valve Single with CD ignition, and the very first Kawasaki Jet Ski sit-down water craft, the two-seater Tandem Sport™ with 635 cm3 engine.

The 90’s came with a riveting Jet Ski models, features and designs. At the beginning of the decade, the 550SX, considered to be a high-performing Jet Ski, made its sale. 

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