Rabu, 16 Maret 2016

Kawasaki GPZ500 Review

The Kawasaki GPZ500S is narrow and relatively lightweight, making for quick, responsive handling. Brakes likewise. Smooth and reliable, owners of the Kawasaki GPZ500S describe it as “bullet proof”. Really old Kawasaki GPZ500S's tend to look a bit ragged: suspension, brakes and bodywork need particular attention. However, overall build quality of the Kawasaki GPZ500S is good and the engine’s reliability is without question. High mileages are common but check for dents and bumps: many Kawasaki GPZ500S are ex-learner or courier bikes.

The Kawasaki GPZ500S is hardly flash but practical enough. Whilst the engine guarantees performance, the adequate fairing, rear grabrail and useful bungee hooks make useful, everyday additions to the Kawasaki GPZ500S. Kawasaki GPZ500S clocks are basic but clear.

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