Minggu, 04 September 2016

Steps To Take After An Accident

Being involved in a motorbike accident can be a traumatic experience. What should I do after my motorbike accident?
1.  Talk with the emergency services: when the emergency services arrive at the scene of the motorbike accident, you should give a full report to the police. Emotions tend to run high after an accident, but it’s important to stay as calm as possible.
2.  Swap insurance details: if you are involved in a road traffic accident, make sure that you swap details with the parties involved in the collision.
3.  Record details of your motorbike accident: take photos of any damage to yourself on your camera, and try to note down information about the location and driving conditions. Take the images and jot down the information as soon as possible, as these details can act as valuable evidence during a motorbike accident claim.
4.  Don’t fix your bike: you may be tempted to get your bike fixed right after a motorbike accident. However, the authorities will consider its condition as evidence along with the clothes you were wearing.

5.  Start a claim: if you find insurance costs too much after an accident, you could try adjusting your voluntary excess of cover, which could bring prices down.

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