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Suzuki effectively eliminated delayed combustion. Suzuki RM-Z250 features engine performance designed for mid- to top-end performance and offers smooth power delivery, is relatively easy to ride. Champions Choose Suzuki...and Suzuki supports future champions! Suzuki provides each 2014 RM-Z250 owner with two optional mapping couplers, aside from the stock coupler. Confusingly, Suzuki includes another white coupler. Here’s the breakdown:
1.      Lean coupler: If you see wires extending out of one plug location and returning to another, then you’ve found the lean coupler.
2.      Rich coupler: An excellent choice for dry and hardpack tracks, the rich coupler detunes the engine to prevent wheelspin.

Suzuki has done a masterful job of reaching perfection in two key areas of motorcycle development.
1.      Cornering. They have discovered the magical frame geometry formula.
2.      Engine. The RM-Z250 powerband is broad and fruitful.

Find success by making these modifications to the 2014 Suzuki RM-Z250.
1.      Couplers. We heartily recommend that you conduct your own test session by trying out the optional couplers provided by Suzuki at every track you frequent.
2.      Clutch. The clutch cannot handle the rigors of a serious clutch abuser. Even riders who play nice with the RM-Z250 clutch will benefit from stiffer clutch springs.

The hate list:
1.      Clutch. The RM-Z250 clutch fades quickly and cannot stand the test of time.
2.      Bolts. The RM-Z250 bolts are pitiful.

The like list:

1.      Handling. Cornering prowess is the RM-Z250’s best attribute. 

2.      Engine. It’s not the fastest powerband in the class, but it’s broad and powerful enough to get winning.

3.      Couplers. Want more hit? Plug in the white coupler. Want to prevent the rear tire from lighting up like a paper factory next to a volcano? Plug in the gray coupler.

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