Rabu, 09 September 2015

2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650R

The Kawasaki Ninja 650R is a faired standard motorcycle made by Kawasaki since 2006.  With a unique look and feel, the 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650R delivers cutting edge design and astonishing versatility. With a comfortable seating position and sportbike performance levels, the Ninja 650R is well-suited for freeway commutes, around town errands and weekend track days.

Because the 650R was meant to have broad rider appeal, Kawasaki’s development team began its task with the rider – not the motorcycle. After studying every kind of rider, and all types of riding, Kawasaki’s engineers focused on the human-machine interface. Narrowing the distance between the footpegs and striving for a lower seat height and low effort controls all played into the design effort. 

The compact liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC, 8-valve 649cc parallel twin engine delivers a smooth responsiveness that is tuned for rider-friendly power characteristics – especially in the low and medium rpm ranges. 

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