Kamis, 19 Maret 2015

Safer Riding Tips

In South Australia, approximately 3 percent of registered vehicles are motorcycles, yet motorcyclists account for around 14 percent of road fatalities. How many of these safer riding skills do you have?
1.      Scan traffic for other motorists; observe indicators, brake lights and cars running red. Never assume all is safe.
2.      Wear visible clothing and ride with your lights on.
3.      You should never ride in sandals, thongs.
4.      Indicate before changing lanes.
5.      Brakes should work well and have correct fluid in the master cylinder.
6.      Make sure that your pillion passenger knows the correct techniques for pillion riding and is wearing appropriate protective clothing and a helmet.
7.      Gloves, jacket and boots designed for riding are essential for safety and comfort.

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