Kamis, 10 Juli 2008

A Mechanical Checklist For Buying A Used Dirt Bike.

OK, you've found a used dirt bike that looks pretty promising. Here's a list of checks you can make before committing yourself.
• With the bike on a stand and the rear wheel off the ground, grab the swingarm and move it from side to side to check the swingarm bearings. If there is, the bearings will need replacing. Swingarm bearings can be expensive so beware.
• Repeat the process with the front wheel, hold the fork legsand try move them backwards and forwards, too much movement and the headstem bearings may be shot too. The bargain price you paid for your used dirt bike will quickly become expensive if you have to fork out $300 or $400 dollars for swingarm and headstem bearings.
• With the bike running, crouch down and have a good listen to the motor. If it makes loud, unusual tapping noises, then it could mean the motor's well worn and requires a rebuild.
• Have a feel of the brake discs. The ad may say barely used dirt bike but if the discs have a fairly noticeable groove where the pads grip then you'll know the bike's done some work.
• Check the (wheel) rims for cracks and bends.
• Check the frame/chassis - look for cracks, fractures and old repair jobs.
• Check the radiator for bent cooling fins and cracks.
• Make sure the front brakeline is not worn from the guide on the front fork. If it is, this needs to be replaced.
• Put the bike on a stand with the rear wheel off the ground. Try and move the rear of the swingarm from side to side to check the swingarm bearings.
• Gripping the tyre like a steering wheel - wriggle the front and rear wheels to check the wheel bearings.
• Check the fork seals are not leaking. You will see oil traces down the front forks if they are.
• When starting the bike, check the compression in the kick start. If the piston is worn out, the down stroke will be soft and effortless.

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